Electricity and Electronics

mfa Accessories

Power Module                                 £14.70



This handy unit replaces the lantern battery and connector lead when powering mfa boards.  It simply clips onto the top of an mfa board and is then connected to virtually any standard lab pack.  It supplies a smoothed, regulated output of 5V at up to 1A.  Two additional 4mm power output sockets provide power for the Movement Module buggy, Decisions Module relay loads etc., and can also be used to take power to other systems such as Alpha, Mistec, Omega, Kent etc.


mfa Connector Lead                    £1.25


A 300mm flexible lead terminated with rewireable 2mm plugs.  Available in red, white, yellow, green, blue or black.

National Grid Simulation

The classic experiment for demonstrating the need for high voltage transmission has been assessed by CLEAPSS as being potentially lethal. As the experiment is now featured in the new Science curricula, we have developed a new, safe form of the experiment, which has the following features:

As featured in the January 07 CLEAPSS  circular.

Touch proof, locking high voltage connectors used throughout Ė it is virtually impossible to get an electric shock

Clear lid to the casing so pupils can see how it works and trace the circuit

Indicators for low/high voltage

The resistance wires can be connected to either the high or low voltage system for direct comparison of lamp brightness/energy losses. By gripping the insulated cables, students can feel when and where the energy is being lost, mainly as heat.

Voltmeter sockets for measuring the high voltage

Comes complete with two boxes (transmit and receive), insulated resistance wires, two mounted SBC lamps and full instructions

National Grid Simulation £111.00

Following our display of the above at the ASE AGM, many delegates asked whether we could supply the pylons which we used in our demonstration.  Therefore, due to public demand, we are supplying a kit of parts, with instructions and glue, to make up two pylons.

Pylons Kit  £11.00


Factors affecting a Lampís Brightness

A modern, and safe, version of another potentially lethal experiment.

Students often think that the brightness of a lamp is only dependent on the current flowing through it. The unit allows the teacher to safely switch a 12V lamp in series with a mains lamp and study the current flow through them.

Using the unit provokes thinking about power and voltage, energy etc. Students see the need to go beyond discussion of current. It may also be used to investigate potential dividers and resistors in series.

Factors affecting a Lampís Brightness  £29.50


Waterproof Illuminated Switch Boxes

Ideal for outdoor use. Weatherproof when installed according to instructions.  Suitable for fish pond pumps, outdoor lighting etc.  Available in several switch numbers.  Maximum loading is 360W per switch.  All outlets are individually fused. 

2 way switch (720W)                            £12.60

3 way switch (1080W) illustrated           £15.75

4 way switch (1200W)                          £21.00

5 way switch (1200W)                          £26.25

6 way switch (1200W)                          £38.00

 Student-proof MES lampholder

OK, we admit it, nothing is truly student (or teacher) proof, but here is our best effort. Following a request from a technician we developed this product. The technician wanted an MES lampholder which prevented the children from unscrewing the lamp, with all the aggravation that that entailed. Our lampholder comes fitted with a 6.5V, 300mA lamp (that's bright!) fitted in a small ABS case so that the lamp cannot be easily removed. To replace the lamp requires the undoing of four screws in the base - simple for the technician but awkward for the student. Fitted with 4mm sockets.

Student-proof MES lampholder     £3.50

Class set (16)    £48.00 (£3 each)


Battery Holders


Holds 4 D cells with outputs at 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6V.

Two types;

-4mm with colour coded 4mm socket outputs

-crocodile clip outputs


Battery Holder 4mm sockets     £9.45

Battery Holder crocodile clips   £9.45


BERT - Battery Electrical Resistance Tester

A self contained resource to aid understanding of electrical resistance


An extremely versatile kit for teaching about electrical resistance and resistivity.  Draw a pencil line across BERT, study the LED brightness. Then make the line wider. What happens? Draw a second line in parallel. Change the length of the lines. Change the thickness (height) of the line. Can be used to compare conductors and insulators including the entire class! Test the conductivity of liquids.

Comes with PP3 battery, crocodile clip lead, eraser,  pencil and comprehensive instructions.

BERT                                                                     £15.00