Measuring Instruments

Digital Bench Meters                       31.50

The meters feature easy to read 0.5 LCD displays, high accuracy, no moving parts and a high level of resistance to mechanical shock.  Two meters are offered: a 0-10A dc ammeter and a 0-20V dc voltmeter.  The meter cases are colour coded for ease of identification.  The meters are overload and short circuit protected and powered by a PP3 battery (supplied).  Input is via colour coded 4mm sockets.

Budget Digital Scales

A compact, portable LCD unit reading up to 2000g with 1g resolution.  Power source is a PP3 battery or optional mains adapter.  Features include auto power off after 3 minutes of non use, spill proof membrane switches, 125mm diameter weighing platform and full tare facilities.

Budget Digital Scales                                   37.45

Mains Adapter                                                 7.20

Budget Digital Stopclock                 14.65

A competitively priced digital stopclock featuring large start/stop buttons and electrical triggering.  Powered by an AA cell (supplied) and featuring a 15mm liquid crystal display, this stopclock is ideal for both Primary and Secondary use.



Mains Joule Meter

A mechanical mains joule meter mounted on a powder coated steel base with a switched double mains socket.

May be used to assess the energy converted by mains equipment. The meter has a digital readout calibrated in kWh and an analogue dial showing rate of consumption.

May be used with any mains equipment up to 13A

Mains Joule Meter                                 51.98