Portable Appliance Tester


A PAT designed for education use.  It allows you to conform with the requirements of the 1989 Electricity at Work Act. It provides Class 1 and Class 2 Insulation tests, Earth Bond tests and test for mains continuity through the switch, fuse and internal components. Supplied with 50 pass labels, 5 fail labels, extension lead test lead, standard test lead, photocopyable test certificate and full instructions.  Our PATCH is suitable for testing computers, but please read the instructions carefully.


A  simple to use PAT machine that allows the user to perform Class1 and Class 2 insulation tests, earth bond tests at two different current levels and extension lead tests. The compact unit clearly displays the results via coloured LEDs. A single push button initiates all the tests in a 5 second cycle.


Earth bond test current  10 or 25A

Tests  0.1ohm, 0.25ohm

Test voltage  7.5-8.5 volts a.c.

Insulation test voltage   500V d.c. @<1mA

Test limits  Class1 - 2Mohm,  Class 2 - 7Mohm   

IEC & Kettle lead tests

Fuse and continuity tests

110Volt Testing Kit

A set of leads that easily allows the user to test 110V appliances and extension leads. Allows polarity testing of extension leads.


A rugged plastic moulding that slips easily onto a 13A mains plug. Once fitted it is impossible to remove without the special key (supplied). Enables the tester to quickly disable a piece of faulty equipment to prevent its use. Supplied as three pluglocks and one key.  Reusable time after time.


Small pass labels (100)

Small fail labels (100)
Large test labels (pack 500)

Pluglok (pack 3) plus key 

110V testing Kit