Unregulated Power Supplies

Metrel Power Supplies


An extremely well made and rugged continuously variable power supply. Output is 0-33V ac and 0-46V dc. Both can be read from the voltmeter which is connected in parallel to the output. The ammeter indicates the output current drawn, which is up to 6A. In the event of a short circuit the voltage at the terminals is cut off automatically. The power supply also features a soft start feature to protect against start current pulses tripping out the mains fuse. The unit has a built-in C-filter for filtering out the ac component of the dc voltage.

Metrel MA4852                                                           299.00


Specification as above but with one important exception. The MA4853 is fitted with a CLC filter to severely reduce the ac component of the dc. The hum and noise of the dc output is 200mVpp (I=6A) and 30mVpp (I = 1A).

Metrel MA4853                                                           349.00

Irwin Power Supplies

Irwin Power supplies are available in three case colours - Blue (B), Gloss Black (Bk) or Transparent (C). Please use the appropriate suffix when ordering.

Powerbase V8

This is an updated version of the Irwin Powerbase 32. Essentially it is the same as the 32 but has a higher power rotary transformer and a high specification toroid transformer replaces the original chassis transformer. The unit supplies 0-20V smoothed dc and 0-16V ac at 8 amps. Output is continuously variable and protected by a panel mounted thermal cut out. An output limiter is fitted which allows the user to preset the maximum voltage available.

Powerbase V8                                                                    152.25

Powerbase S8

The Powerbase S8 offers 0 to 12V at 8 amps via a relay switching system that provides the voltages in 1V steps. ac and dc are available simultaneously in any combination up to a combined output of 8 amps. Output is protected by a panel mounted thermal cut out. An output limiter is fitted which allows the user to preset the maximum voltage available.

Powerbase S8                                                                    131.250

Powerbase S5

The Powerbase S5 provides ac and dc outputs of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12V at a maximum combined output of 5A. Output is protected by a panel mounted thermal cut out. An output limiter is fitted which allows the user to preset the maximum voltage available.

Powerbase S5                                                                      109.95

Electrosound Powerbase                                  152.25


Our version of the  Irwin Powerbase 32.

The Powerbase is electrically identical to the Irwin model. The only differences are that our case is made of sturdy steel, instead of plastic.


0-15V a.c. and 0-20V smoothed d.c. at up to 8A  combined

Continuously variable output

Maximum voltage lock

Push button reset

8A ac/dc 2-12V                  120.75

A solid general purpose power supply giving 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12V ac/dc at up to 8A continuous. Apart from our standard automatic short circuit protection, the unit contains a unique electronic locking system. By inserting a screwdriver into a slot on the underside of the case, the maximum available output voltage may be limited. The maximum output is clearly displayed on a bank of leds on the front panel. ac or dc is available through two pairs of terminal posts - ac/dc selection is made via a removable key.

Westminster Power Supply         57.75

This unit will deliver up to 12A ac or dc through colour coded terminal posts. Ideal for electromagnet investigations.

5A ac/dc

Simultaneous use of ac and dc up to 5A continuous. Short term current up to 7A. Safety features include a keyswitch which inhibits voltages above 6V. Housed in a rugged steel case.

2 models - the 2-12V has a push button reset and the 1-12V has an internal, solid state cut-out.

5A ac/dc 2-12V, 2V steps         91.77

5A ac/dc 1-12V, 1V steps         101.85

6A ac/dc Keylock                    108.15

Voltage selection is via a removable key - the key is a common profile type allowing one key to operate all the power supplies. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12V ac and 1, 3, 6, 8, 11 and 13V capacitor smoothed dc. Simultaneous use of ac and dc up to 6A continuous. Sophisticated overload/short circuit trip which isolates the output under fault conditions and gives an audible/visual alarm.

Powerswitch                                79.80

A compact power supply offering 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,and 12 volts at currents of up to 5A. Both dc and ac outputs may be used simultaneously up to the rated output. The output is protected by a push button cut-out. The unit is 2A fused on the back panel and comes complete with a moulded mains lead and plug.

4 units are designed to fit in a shallow Gratnell tray.


Powerlock                                   93.45

Similar to the above unit but voltage selection is made using a keyswitch.  The key may be removed in any position. This makes it impossible for a student  to alter the voltage. A single profile key is used which means that one key can be used to operate all the units. Comes supplied with two keys.


0-12V d.c.  0-16V a.c.

0-25V d.c.  0-30V a.c.




Rugged power supplies designed to meet the demands of Physics, Chemistry and Technology departments. 


Unit 1 offers a continuously variable output from 0-16 volts a.c. @10A and 0-12 volts fwr d.c. @ 8A. It is fitted with a dc LCD meter and adjustable voltage limit lock.


Unit 2 offers a continuously variable output from 0-30 volts a.c. @8A and 0-25volts fwr d.c. @ 7A. It is fitted with a dc LCD meter and adjustable voltage limit lock.


The units are housed in a custom designed, powder coated steel case with carrying handle and four heavy duty feet which make the units easy to store as they are stackable.


Complete with fixed mains lead, these units will find a ready home in Physics, Chemistry and Technology departments everywhere.